A Little Bit of Texas Part 1

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Grace Stamper  
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A Little Bit of Texas Part 1 contains three well-tested project units. It is all you need to cover the Texas Revolution, The Texas Republic, and Ranching in Texas. The book comes complete with explanations, TEKS and TAKS correlates, reproducible student pages, rubrics for grading, bibliographies, useful websites, and special teacher hints and notes from the author. The ranching unit is very helpful in meeting your PDAS technology requirements, although it can be completed without the use of technology.

7th Grade Texas History, 54 pages, PB

Having earned her B.S. from the University of Dayton and her Masters from Sam Houston State University, Grace Stamper has been teaching history for over twenty-five years.  She lives in the Woodlands, Texas and is currently working in the Magnolia School District.   


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